“What is Streetwear?”

I hate answering this question: “What is streetwear?”. Streetwear is whatever the hell is on your skin [technically being naked could even be considered streetwear].

The jumpsuit that garbage men wear is streetwear, the scrubs that healthcare professionals wear is streetwear, your dad’s old hat and jacket sitting in the closet is streetwear. Whenever clothes are being defined by the person wearing them it’s streetwear.

The point that I am making is that streetwear is cloth being worn by anyone belonging to a particular subculture; while it segregates it unifies.

Streetwear is tailored for and consigned by the people of any particular subculture. It is the antagonist of high end fashion. High end fashion has what I like to call a top to bottom effect. Traditionally the standard of what is in/“couture”, started from the mind of the Top designers like Tommy Hilfiger and pushed to the masses; whereas, street fashion is from the bottom up.

Creatives like Shawn Stussy, Jerry Lorenzo, and Jeff Staple all started from the bottom. Whether it was a basement or the back of a car they did whatever they needed to in order for their brands to be known and when the streets accepted and consigned them they became the garments of their respective subcultures.

But. . . Let’s be honest, there is no definite way to define streetwear.

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